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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Donald Trump & Today's Counter-Revolution

Donald Trump's election Is a severe hammer-blow to decades of Leftist elitism and indoctrination. It's the first step to taking back the Gramscian “institutions”.

Antonio Gramsci, in the 1920s and 1930s, soon realised that the working class would never go for a violent revolution which was led by a vanguard of upper-middle-class Marxists. Thus, without a revolution or even a vote, Gramsci realised that the best advice for middle-class Leftists was to “take over the institutions”. (Gramsci openly acknowledged that he was jealous of the Catholic Church in Italy.) The Left has been doing that ever since; especially since the 1960s.

The most important institution is the university (as it was for both the Hitler Youth and the Red Guard). It's the universities which create the future Leftist professionate. And then, from the universities, Leftist graduates take over all the other major institutions.

You will note what none of these Leftist institutions (e.g., universities, the law, charities, NGOs, various churches, the BBC, etc.) rely on the vote – or at least on a vote which is open to those on the outside of the institution. That's the kind of environment Leftists love. It's where they can carry on their social experiments without any threat of being voted out. 

And take in that snobbery towards the people who voted for Brexit and those who voted for Trump. Pure unadulterated snobbery! We've heard talk about “red necks”, “knuckle-draggers”, “white van men”, “lager louts”, etc.: all from the snobby Left. You see, the elitist Left no longer feels the need to patronise the working class as it did in former times. After all, the New Left has Muslims - as well as the LGBT (whom Muslims, of course, love) and suchlike - to patronise instead. Touse.

So Trump and Brexit are the first firings of this Glorious Counter-Revolution. Let's also hope that Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen do the same in France and Holland respectively.

This is just the beginning. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Professor Ayres-Bennett: Brits Should Embrace Their Own Deaths

A Cambridge professor has called on British people to learn Urdu and Polish in order to make migrants feel welcome. Apparently, we should learn languages such as Polish, Punjabi and Urdu to make immigrant families “feel more at home”.

I hate these kinds of professor.

They think they've the right to pontificate on important political issues; even when such issues aren't in their own academic domain. This is especially true when one bears in mind that theory and political correctness seem to cancel-out inconvenient facts and experiences when it comes to the theo[ry]logical beliefs of most Leftists.

No doubt if we embraced Islam, that would indeed make Muslim immigrants, etc. feel, as she puts it, “more at home”. But if we have to bend over so far backwards, then what will that do to our own homes? Of course a Muslim from Islamabad wants Bradford or even Cambridge to be like his own former shit-hole. But it isn't! Or at least it wasn't (in the case of Bradford).

Think about the obvious logical faux pas of believing that we should learn the languages of immigrants in the UK because some of them have learnt the English language in order to function in our country. Should we also learn their bombing-making or grooming- skills too?

This woman (Wendy Ayres-Bennett) is looking for sacrifice and selflessness from white working-class Brits; though I wonder what she - as a professor probably on more than a £100,000 a year and living in Cambridge - has sacrificed to the Glorious Other. How truly selfless is she in this context? Does the fact that she wants people to make immigrants "feel more at home" make her selfless? No! They're only words. Her life, I can guess, is untouched by radical Islam and mass immigration. The only experience she'll have of immigration will be when it comes to the foreign cleaners, maids or gardeners she employs – all on low wages which undercut the indigenous workforce.

Look at her. The personification of Cambridge University elitism, even down to her middle-class-academic bob-cut and double-barrelled name.

Cambridge University: the home of Leftist elitism and spies for almost a century.

Yes, the elite, today, are thoroughly left-wing. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Bikers and Patriots are Fighting Back

In recent months there have been many reports of German biker clubs roaming the streets of German cities and attacking Muslim immigrants. The German newspaper, Express, reports large groups of “rocker and hooligan gangs” are now organizing themselves via Facebook to meet in Cologne and other German cities to start “manhunts” of foreigners.

It was only a matter of time before there was a backlash. There have been slight renderings of vigilante action throughout Europe (against Islamic sex-slavery/grooming, sharia patrols, terrorism, etc.). However, it's never been organised enough to hit the news in a big way. Until now.

Europe became a laboratory animal for Leftists. It became a social experiment. Leftists are trying to create some kind of suicidal Utopia - at our expense. Either that, or Leftists believe that mass immigration will further their own violent revolution.

There was bound to be a backlash. It doesn't matter if I support it. Or if others support it. That's irrelevant. The Left-liberal elite has pushed the faces of various European peoples into the dirt. Deep into the dirt. Relentlessly into the dirt.

And traditional right-wing and conservative groups/parties only want to hang on to capitalism. They want their investments and businesses to thrive, alongside cultural Marxism. Many also require cheap labour. Thus they can't be trusted either.

We don't need to encourage the fight-back. It's going to happen regardless. And, if it occurs sooner than later, we will win. If it happens later, we'll loose.

Little Britain vs. Big Europe?

Germany has branded the UK as “Little Britain”. Other European EU-philes have taken the piss out of Theresa May’s recent Brexit speech

Isn't all this ironic? 

The primary purpose of the European Union was said to be that of safeguarding Europe from future nationalisms. Yet here are the tribal supporters of the EU calling the United Kingdom "Little Britain" and England “Little England”. Why? Simply because we don't want to be part of Big Europe. Doesn't all arrogance replicate supposed nationalist bigotry?

The EU was only ever going to replicate the traits and vices of nation states - only on a bigger scale! Indeed Angela Merkel - who's not little - has recently stressed the need for a "European army". The EU also replicates, and then magnifies, state bureaucracy, arrogance, the abuse of power, lawfare, social experimentation, etc. which occurred in nation states. (The EU even has its own flag.) Thus how does enlarging a political territory and jurisdiction automatically stop nationalism and cure all our political ills? It doesn't: it simply replicates and then magnifies them (at least over time).

This is what happened when the adherents of the 18th-century French Revolution substituted the old religion with the religion of Rationalism - complete with churches, ritual and even a clergy. This was also what happened when Marxism became a religion. (In many senses, though, Marxism started out as a religion.)

The fact is that the Old Order and human nature are, to some extent at least, always with us. You can tart things up as the EU attempted to do. Though, just like the revolutions of yore, the EU has started to eat its own children.

Little Britain, however, will not be eaten by Big Europe.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pope Francis's False Equivalences

There's a massive difference - and the Pope must surely know it - between the killings of Christians by Muslims, and killing and violence that just so happens to have been carried out by people of a particular faith.

Again, there's a big difference between killing on behalf – or because – of a religion; and the killing being carried out by someone who just happens to belong to a religion.

For example, when an Italian Catholic drug-dealer kills a rival drug-dealer, he doesn't do so as a Catholic. On the other hand, when those Muslims killed a Catholic priest in Normandy, they did so because of their religion.

And I don't give a damn about the fact that a tiny minority of Western Muslims - when talking to the Western press! - say that these Islamic killers (or ISIS) "aren't real Muslims". (Or that they've “distorted Islam".) We should judge Islam by its fruits: killing, torture, terrorism, sex-slavery and the rest.

This is so obvious that I believe the Pope himself knows the difference.

What the Pope is doing here is what people call "virtue signalling". And what can be more virtuous than signing the death warrant of one's own religion?

Piety and political correctness are going to result in the death of Western Christianity. Indeed, in the Muslim world, Christianity is already almost dead.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Prostitute Margaret Corvid vows to torture/humiliate Ukip voters

Corvid is on the right.

Bogeyed prostitute, Margaret Corvid, 37, who trades under the name Mistress Magpie and practises bondage, domination, sadism and masochism, now hopes to start a career in public office as a Labour councillor.

Let's hope she'll whip and beat all those Nazifascistracist bigots in the UK. Then she'll also cleanse all white middle-class Leftists of their residual racism. 

For those who are mildly racist, two whacks on the arse will suffice. 

However,Naziracistfascist bigots should expect a full-length session of torture and humiliation, after which they are expected to join the Labour Party and then have anal sex with the Rev Sharpton.

A Leftist sacrifices his dick for Justice

No Justice, no Peace, eh? No Dick – Justice?

An upright and pious Leftist - by the name of Seth Greenberg - is going to sacrifice his dick (if he can find it) to the Holy Fight Against Trump. More specifically, he'll do this dastardly job if Trump builds a wall between Mekkiko and the United States.

In addition, a cisgender student in New York has promised to pump two bullets into his tiny brain if Trump's inauguration goes ahead. I've sent him some bullets.. just in case.

It's also rumoured that Leftists have started building a gulag somewhere in Snowflake Land. They hope to incarcerate tens of millions of Trump supporters, as well as the 17 million Naziracistfascist bigots who voted for Brexit.

London's posh Remainers are also planning the saturation bombing - with napalm - of the North of England (the Home of All Evil).

By the way, when that Leftist chops his dick off, he'll send it to the Third World (sorry, the "developing world") as "food aid". But that will only be after he's painted it black in a nice added touch of sweet white guilt.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Tell Mama vs. the British Press, Trump & English Identity

People may be aware of the Islamic activist group Tell Mama, which is run by Fiyaz Mughal. It sells itself as being a organisation which "fights Islamophobia"; yet its own remit is a lot wider than that. 

In recent months, Tell Mama has gone to war with British newspapers, as well as feeling a need to castigate Donald Trump, English identity (see this article), etc.

Tell Mama's problem with the British media isn't that it's lying about Islamic terrorism, Muslim grooming-gangs, etc.. It's that it's reporting on these things. Tell Mama knows that it wouldn't stand a chance if it were to claim that the Daily Mail, the Sun, etc. were lying about the violence Islam is bringing to the world. Thus, Tell Mama's problem is simply that newspapers are reporting on these real concrete problems. In other words, Tell Mama is implicitly calling for a universal sharia blasphemy law. A law which would cover non-Muslim peoples, non-Muslim newspapers and non-Muslim institutions. 

A typical Tell Mama article.

Tell Mama is fighting a non-violent jihad which is intent on silencing all voices which dare to speak out about the violent jihad.

Thus Fiyaz Mughal's Tell Mama is an enabler of Islamic violence, if not itself a practitioner of Islamic violence.

Jihad at St Mary's Episcopal Church, Glasgow

You may have heard about the Muslim female who was allowed to recite from the Koran in a British church. That in itself is suicidal enough. (We all know how some Christian fetishise weakness and love their enemies.) What some news outlets don't tell you is those words from the Koran were:

i) About Jesus not being the Son of God (“it is not befitting to the majesty of Allah that He should beget a son”).
ii) About Jesus not being crucified.
iii) About Jesus being another "Muslim prophet" (the “servant of Allah”).

Now think of the disgusting audacity of a Muslim who's given the opportunity to preach Islam in a Church of England place of worship. And then what does she do on the very day that Christians were celebrating Jesus's relation to God? She traduced Christianity - right in front of all the Christians in the Church. The thing is, of course, that the passages she recited were in Arabic. Thus those gullible Christians, and perhaps even the clergyman in charge (the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth), had no idea what was being said. Of course the Muslim reciter knew this fact and used it in a very sick manner!  
Jihad/dawah in Washington National Cathedral

So Muslims are correct: jihad does indeed take many forms. What happened in this church is just one example of that.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Law vs. European Peoples

There's always a legal reason as to why the British state (let alone its people) can't do what it wants to do. Indeed, what it has often promised to do!

We vote in a particular government, and Muslims and Leftists - who don't rely on any kind of mandate - use lawfare against the European peoples. From the Trotskyist public-schoolite Gareth Peirce defending Abu Qatada, to "rights groups" chanting "racist" at everyone they disagree with.

The law used to be a necessary tool to keep a nation at peace and at ease with itself. Now, in all cases to do with Islam, immigration, culture, race, etc., it's working against the peoples of Europe. The Gramscian Left in Europe and the Alinskyite Left in the United States have more or less taken over the law; as well as the universities, police, councils, culture and even our churches. They now know that there won't be a violent revolution, so all this was the next best thing: a Leftist culture and law. (I.e., Marx's "superstructure" and Gramsci's 'hegemony', no less.)

This is the main reason why the British Conservative Party can never do what it has often promised to do. Firstly, we have - or had?! - European Law, alongside United Nations Law. At home, we also have a legion of Trotskyist or "progressive" lawyers intent on bringing about exactly the kind of society they want - all, again, without a vote.

Every time radical actions are put before the people, the Leftist middle-class university-based elite shout those actions down. We have to realise that even though we have a Conservative government, most of the state is Leftist (or at least left-liberal) in nature.

Voting for the Conservative Party will change very little of this, if anything. After all, the Tories have presided over a massive increase of immigration and terror. It's time for more radical solutions.