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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Communist-Islamist Alliance

The two images above sum up the sickness that is contemporary Leftism.

In the top image, Jeremy Corbyn speaks in front of the Communist hammer and sickle. Can you imagine, say, David Cameron doing the same in front of a swastika? It simply wouldn't happen. The Left, for one, wouldn't allow it to happen. Yet here's a contemporary British politician, and the Leader of the Opposition, speaking in front of a banner which symbolises political slavery and mass death. Yes, on many accounts, communism/socialism claimed more than 100 million lives - and far more minds - in the 20th century. It enslaved in the name of equality. It repressed in the name of socialism. It killed en massefor Leftist collectivism. And all that was worth it – well, according to Corbyn's press officer/adviser – Seamus Mile (the ex-public schoolboy, and Guardian editor) – it was worth it.

Then there's Red Kenneth below, who'll support all manner of racists, misogynists, killers, etc. as long as they ain't Western and white. Such is Ken's profound racism. He's posing in the image with his long-standing political lover – Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Qaradawi's Muslim Brotherhood is a long-time feeder of al-Qaeda. It started its own terrorist campaign of bombings and assassinations in the early 1930s – around 25 years before the creation of Israel and around 80 years before the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let's destroy these twin collectivist evils before they destroy us.