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Friday, 27 May 2016

Why Leftists & Islamists Have Joined Forces

Things have got to change – and change quickly. The Left is creating a situation in which mass violence is bound to happen. Perhaps they're doing it to“tap into the revolutionary potential of Muslims” (as the Socialist Workers Party puts it). In other words, the “worse things are, the better they are” – for revolutionary Leftists. They want racial conflict – in order to tap into it. They want “austerity”- in order to use it. They want unemployment – in order to feed off the rage.

Thus when yet another Islamic ghetto is created, another Muslim grooming gang is formed, etc. - all this helps the revolutionary Marxist's cause. After all, when things are fine and dandy, revolutionaries suffer deep depressions. They want conflict. They want racial war. They want revolution... The worse things are, the better they are... for Leftists.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The BBC on the Ethnic Cleansing of London

If you noticed the comments in the London Standard piece on the BBC documentary (see link below), most respondents weren't concerned with truth or fact. They were concerned with the propagation of truths and facts. The truth, in other words, has to be hidden from the unwashed masses.


Thus when the facts are given, all these people can say: “It's feeding the bigotry of the EDL and other racists.”

Basically, some facts should be hidden in order to fight against racism and bigotry. Yet the censurers are the biggest bigots.

Get it: parts of London have been ethnically cleansed of white people. Now is that statement bigoted? We simply don't care!

It's Not All About Economics

When it comes to economics, there are always winners and losers. This is the case even at the most mundane of levels. So when someone says that “Xwill lose out”, that means that Y will win-out. This is true about all economic policies, from Stalin's to “Austerity”.

So, in the end, there has to be more to this debate that economics. EU is filling the UK with masses of recalcitrant immigrants. It's taking away our rights with one hand and creating laws that suffocate us with the other hand. In the end, I see the “democratic deficit” to be far more important than economics because the economical reality always rides on the back of political changes – contrary to what Marx argued.

Anti-White Racism and the European Union


I thought that stereotypes were bad things. Not when aimed at white English people, it seems.

Think about the obscene implicit message of this campaign: that the people who want to pull out of the European Union are all Nazi/racist skinheads. Of course the makers of this imagery would deny that. Yet how else can it be interpreted?

On the other side of the coin, this campaign and its imagery are telling ethnic voters and Leftists that, within the EU, everything will carry on as before. More mass immigration. More limitations on free speech. More ethic cleansing of white areas. And so on.