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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Anti-Racist Zealots

Almost every single day someone or other is put before an anti-racist inquisition or a new - even stricter - law is decreed to fight racism.

Anti-racism has now become another revolution that's eating its own children.

What we have with much of today's anti-racism is the same kind of absurdity and extremity which often happened during various historical inquisitions. More specifically, anti-racism is just like the many other political movements that, in time, became corrupted.

Many anti-racists also feel the need to to justify their existence and legitimacy by becoming more and more pure (i.e. extreme). And, as a consequence, they will also need to find new targets – more evil racists - to reprimand or even punish.

What partly contributes to all this is that a minority of Leftist activists (though often highly-influential people in the law, councils, academia, etc.) are attempting to create a “revolutionary situation” by deliberately making anti-racism policies and actions more extreme. Thus, in the process, these Leftists - along with their words and actions - are alienating people who aren't otherwise racist. Such Leftists think that the violence, turmoil or even civil conflict that their words and policies create may be utilised to benefit their own primary cause: revolutionary socialism or the“progressive future”. Thus they see what they're doing as tapping into anti-racism's revolutionary/radical potential. (These very same Leftists also - to use their own words - “tap into the revolutionary potential of Muslims”.)

The fight against racism, then, is but a means to a revolutionary or radical end.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cologne & Rotherham: Leftist Anti-racism Helped Cause Mass Sexual Abuse

Why are nearly all European and American Leftists/socialists/”progressives” (as well as most feminists and the authorities) utterly silent on Islamic misogyny and rape?

The answer to that is brutally simple.

It's because most Muslims have brown and black skin. Thus the Left'sracist and theory-driven anti-racism trumps both feminism and justice itself.

All this explains what happened in Cologne and Rotherham.

Leftist anti-racism (or the anti-racism policies and actions of councillors, the police, social workers, politicians, etc.) initially trumped the abuse of hundreds of German women and even erased any prior commitment to feminist principles.

You see, in the Left's “hierarchies of oppression”, racism is the worst sin. Yet Leftists themselves were profoundly racist for allowing all this to happen.
What I mean by that is that the Cologne and Rotherham scandals were largely the result of a double-dose of the Left's own brands of racism. Namely:
    *) Its negative racism towards the largely white and working-class victims of Europe's Muslim grooming-gangs and abusers.

    **) Its positive/“inverted” (or patronising) racism towards the gangs themselves; which is based on the non-white skin colour of the Muslim rapists and abusers.
    So added to the Left's positive/inverted racism towards all black and brown people, you also have its negative racism towards non-Leftist whites.
      All this was graphically displayed by what happened in Cologne and Rotherham. Though it has also happened throughout Europe and in many dissimilar cases.

    Indeed this situation is so bad that not only have Leftists enabled the mass abuse of young girls, even after the shit had hit the fan (or after it had hit the national news), such Leftists still wanted things to carry on as before. That is, Leftists criticised those who spoke out against both the abuse and the political inaction; as well as agitated against the demonstrations which then occurred.


    After Cologne

    Cologne is bound to be the start of something new. At first, of course, the media cynically ignored what had happened. Or, more correctly, they knew what had happened but decided not to make it news. After all, being outraged about mass sexual molestation is racist, innit?

    Islam will never stop its jihad. It's been going on for around 1,300 years. Rape and sexual slavery, as practised by the Prophet Muhammed, is just part of that jihad/war.

    We must wake up – wake up or be enslaved. Writing posts on Facebook is no longer enough. Patriots and counter-jihadists must take the war beyond Facebook. Facebook is mainly about the converted preaching to the converted. We must take the counter-jihad outside Facebook...