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Friday, 4 December 2015

Oldham Votes for Islam

Oldham: 25% Muslim (2001)...

Blackburn: 11.45% Pakistani (2001)
Burnley: 6.6% Muslim (2001)
Calderdale: 6.8% Pakistani (2011)
Derby: 5.9% Pakistani (2011)
Hyndburn: 7% Pakistani (2011)
Kirklees: 10.1% Muslim (2001)
Pendle: 13.1% Pakistani (2001)
Peterborough: 9.4% Muslim (2011)
Slough: 17.7% Pakistani (2011)
Tower Hamlets: 32% Bangladeshi, 34% Muslim (2011)
Walsall: 25% Muslim (2001)
Woking: 6.7% Muslim (2004)

(Some surveys only supply ethnic - not religious - demographics: hence the fluctuation between “Pakistani”and “Muslim”.)


Labour's Jim McMahon has secured a 10,722-vote majority for the Labour Party in Oldham. And that's despite the endless reports of Muslim victimhood, Muslim grooming-gangs and council corruption.

Labour Party appeasement of all things Islamic has certainly paid dividends in Oldham. Oldham has one of the highest levels of Muslim voters than any other town or city of the UK. It stands, as whole, at a 25% of the entire population.

Basically, the Labour Party has bought these votes and that's without looking into the problems of Muslim “block-voting” and rigged postal votes.

Welcome to Oldham – twinned with Islamabad.

Working Class Votes?

The BBC doesn't mention the fact that 25% of people in Oldham are Muslim; although it does talk about... yes, you guessed it, “Asians”!

The BBC even had the audacity to state that despite the claims that the modern Labour Party is only a party for the metropolitan elite, this election result proved that Oldham's working class is still behind the Labour Party.

No it didn't!

It shows that Oldham's Muslim population is firmly behind the party... and it is so in a block-voting-and-rigging-kind-of-a-way.

This is how the BBC's Brian Wheeler interpreted the result:

“Reports from the campaign trail in Oldham had suggested Labour was haemorrhaging votes among its traditional white working class supporters, horrified by what one commentator called the party's transformation into a 'poncified' party of middle class Metropolitan liberals.”

Then BBC's Mr Wheeler smugly rounds things off by saying that the“London-based away-day pundits have been proved wrong”.

Predictably, Corbyn and the Labour Party generally have painted this victory as an example of “driving the Tories back” and a revolt against their “austerity agenda and narrative”. I'm willing to say that austerity (whatever that is) is part of the story, but the main explanation is the large Muslim population of Oldham.

Muslim Corruption

As for Nigel Farage on this issue.

He claims that the postal vote was rigged. He said that there are "stories of things that shouldn't have been happening". That included Muslims turning up at polling stations with multiple postal votes. Farage went on to say that UKIP “will file a formal complaint about the abuses that our people saw yesterday".

To top all that, Farage claims that in some boxes 99% of the votes were for the Labour Party.

Farage rounded off his synopsis by stating the following:

"It means effectively - in some of these seats where people don't speak English, but they're signed up to postal votes - effectively the electoral process is now dead."

All that rings very true. Why is that? Because council and voting corruption is endemic in all areas with large Muslim minorities. That includes Bradford, Keighley, Tower Hamlets... and places like Oldham. I've personally seen extensive documentation of Muslim corruption in newspapers such as Bradford's Telegraph & Argus. Though, of course, the T & A also uses the word 'Asian' as a euphemism for the word Muslim.

More broadly, the Electoral Commission has already identified 16 “high risk” areas across the country: areas where there is a high-risk of electoral malpractice. Now take in the cities and towns cited by the Electoral Commission: e.g., Blackburn, Bradford, Burnley, etc.. and Oldham. All cities and towns with large Muslim populations.

However, the usual suspect, Tower Hamlets, really clinches the deal here. It seems that this London fiefdom can't keep itself out of trouble. It comes with the Muslim territory.

What about Syria?

Sincethe Labour leader is against military intention in Syria, that would have also played well to Rochdale's (Sunni)Muslims. However, Mr Corbyn and Rochdale's Muslims will have very different reasons for being against military intervention in Syria.

Mr Corbyn and his Stop the War Coalition (StWC), on one hand, have a dangerously close relationship with Iran. And Iran, in turn, has a dangerously close relationship with Syria's Bashar Assad (Shia-Alawite) as well as Hezbollah (Shia).

But the clear majority of Oldham's Muslims are Sunni.

That means that before the growth of the Islamic State (IS), many Sunnis in the UK were in favour of military force – force used to try and destroy Assad's “Shia state of Syria”!

And then everything changed.

Now many British Muslims (i.e., Sunnis) will be against military action against their fellow Sunnis of the Islamic State (IS).

Isn't it strange how things change around so quickly?

Hilary Benn's Tony Blair Moment

When Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said that Hilary Benn's speech reminded him of the speech made by Tony Blair just before the Iraq War of 2003, you can be pretty sure that it wasn't meant in an entirely complimentary way. After all, Blair became one of the most despised politicians in recent British history precisley because of that war.

Indeed Mr McDonnell gives with one hand and takes with the other. He gave when he said he was impressed Benn's speech. And he took when he finished off by stating the following:

“I’m always anxious that the greatest oratory is going to lead us to the greatest mistakes.”

Mr McDonnell is right - great oratory can be a disguise for great falsehood. Think of Hitler - the Master Orator.

However, there was nothing to stop a skilled oratory putting the case against air-strikes or war generally. Think of Neville Chamberlain's “peace in our time” speech. That only became renowned after-the-fact. Indeed even though Chamberlain was shown by history to have been a na├»ve and gullible appeaser, his speech can still be seen as fine oratory. So, yes, Mr McDonnell, “the greatest oratory” can “lead us to great mistakes”. Indeed great oratory can take people in all sorts of direction.