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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Young Disciple of Leftist Theology Speaks


Charlie Kimber & Sir Henry Kimber, 1st Baronet

When I woke up that morning, I simply didn’t know I had False Consciousness. What I did know was that I was going to attend my first Socialist Workers Party meeting (at the Hackney branch). By the morning after that meeting; I was fully cured. I'd lost my False Consciousness and now had True Consciousness. A Marxist consciousness. An SWP consciousness.

I listened to the wise words of Lord Alexander Theodore Callinicos and Sir Charles Nicholas Kimber (of the Central Church), read the front page of Socialist Worker and almost a full footnote of Chomsky's. (I also tried to read Russell Brand's Revolution; though I found it too technical and deep to fully grasp.) And, after that heavy dose of Truth, I was fully cured. The evil Mainstream Media no longer blinded me to Dialectical Reality. And that devils that are Fox News and the Daily Mail were cast out.

The Truth was illuminating. The experience was like an epiphany. The Hegemonic Superstructure was scrubbed clean.

To think that for all those years I swam in the filth of Capitalist Falsehood.

Why hadn’t my teachers tell me that the Zionists caused the Second World War?

"Why didn't they tell me President Bush had bought Iraq for $100 from a corporate friend on Wall Street?

"Why was I never told that Churchill was a Nazi and that the USA is officially a Nazi state?

"And what about the six million Palestinians killed by German, American and Israeli bombers during World War Two?

"Why did I never hear about the hundreds of thousands murdered in Guantanomo Bay?

"And what about US drone attacks, which have killed almost one million people in Pakistan, Yemen and the black ghettos of America?

And did you know that prostitution, hate and evilitude didn't exist until Adam Smith invented capitalism in 1776?And least but not last, I certainly didn't know that Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was actually an Outreach Interfaith Enabler and Liberation Theologian; not the warrior and rapist painted by the Zionist MSM and the Daily Mail.

No you don’t hear much about all that, do you? As well as the fact that Muslims invented mathematics, discovered quantum mechanics and sent the first man to the moon. The ignorance of the sheepleand of fascistNazibigots! astonishes me.

Now I know the Dialectical Truth. My False Consciousness will never lie to me again. I now know that Marx (PBUH) was right. (Indeed He still moves amongst us.) Today’s workers are getting poorer and capitalism is in its final Final Crisis. I know that British workers are poorer and more exploited today than they were in the 1850s. I know that Muslims love peace as much as the rest of us and that Islam is a theological precursor of Marx’s (PBUH) own progressive politics. I know that all Britain's convicted terrorists have been set up by the Capitalist State and that the so called 'Muslim groomers' are the innocent victims of fascistNazibigots! And, in any case, all those with True Consciousness know that sexual groomers are all white Methodists.

I also know that the Revolution is coming on Friday night at 8: 32pm. And that after it there will be no more exploitation, hegemony, greed, Oppression, Islamophobia or Zionism.

I know all this because Chairman Callinicos told me. Not just that: I know it’s true because this morning’s Socialist Workerexplained everything to me. And, in any case, when I subject our so-called “realities” to Marx’s (Praise Be Upon Him) analysis then the truth becomes very clear. For hidden underneath false appearances is a capitalist reality that the State - and the Superstructure generally - is intent on hiding from us all.

It is up to us - as the true Vanguard of Oppressed Muslims and Exploited Workers - to show you the way. To strip away your False Conscious and show you the dialectical and materialist reality that lies underneath.

Have faith in us as we have faith in Lord Callinicos. And as Lord Callinicos has faith in the Prophet Marx (Praise Be Upon Him) Himself. Amen.”

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sarah Champion: Rotherham's Labour MP & Hypocrite


Sarah Champion, a Labour MP in Rotherham (since 2012), said that Nigel Farage was a 'voyeuristic tourist' because he was doing his job as a politician in that town. She also said that he was 'rubbernecking' at the victims of the many Muslim grooming gangs.

What's worse, she tweeted that it was 'hilarious' that he'd been trapped in the party's office by those extreme Leftists who believe that violence can be used to achieve political ends.

It's ironic that Sarah Champion should mention the word “tourist”because many locals in Rotherham have said that very few of the protesters against Nigel Farage were actually from Rotherham. And before this latest example of left-wing violence and intimidation, it can safely be said that nearly all the SWP-UAF protests in Rotherham (against Nazifascistbigots!)have been made up of middle-class Trotskyists from London and the Home Counties.

Sarah Champion is an MP for the Labour Party in Rotherham.

Members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and local people gather in a park in Tower Hamlets ahead of a demonstration by the right-wing EDL (English Defence League) in London, on September 7, 2013.  Members of the EDL assembled in central London despite losing a high court battle to demonstrate in the Tower Hamlets area of East London, which they claim is subjected to Sharia Law.  AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS

So why is it verboten for the Conservative Party or Ukip to have any connections whatsoever to Nazi and fascist groups; yet the Labour Party has all sorts of connections to many revolutionary socialist groups and individuals: such as UAF, Hope Note Hate, the SWP and many other violent “anti-fash”. Why this double-standard?

Not only that: Labour's Sarah Champion finds Leftist violence against UKip “hilarious”. What would she say had an imam (or any Muslim) been trapped in a mosque with the “far right” outside? (I don't need to answer that – do I?)

Sarah Champion once said (to the ITV News - 27th August 2014) that most abusers are white in the UK. That's simply because most people in the UK are white. It's proportionality that matters. Virtually every sex-groomer in Rotherham was a Muslim and virtually every victim was white (a non-Muslim). Apart from that, she used the words“1,400 abusers” - that's the figure for the victims, not the abusers. She was clearly “lying for Justice” (as progressives/Leftists put it).

Three of Rotherham's Enablers of Sexual Grooming

Gordon Jelley (Rotherham Social Worker & SWP)

Gordon Jelley, according to Socialist Worker (in the article‘Rotherham child abuse – blame cops and the cuts, not political correctness’),“worked as a training officer for social workers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 2005 and 2009”.

What it doesn’t also tell you is that he’s also a member of the SWP. In fact Gordon Jelley writes for Socialist Worker and Socialist Review. (Both are SWP publications. Here is Jelley writing about a book called Radical Social Work Today.) He also wrote for Socialist Workeras a “Rotherham local government officer for Unison”. And here’s his Twitter page.

Phil Turner (Rotherham Advertiser & SWP)


The Socialist Workers Party has also interviewed Phil Turner on these matters. He's a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

Phil Turner is also a member of the SWP. (Here he is writing an article for Socialist Worker entitled ‘Remploy workers protest to stop factory closures’.)

In fact Phil Turner is also a reporter for the Rotherham Advertiser. (It seems that in 1998 Turner was “dragged to a disciplinary hearing” which “led to a one-day strike”against that newspaper.)

TheRotherham Advertiser is the very same newspaper which will have featured many pieces on the Muslim grooming-gangs in that town. In fact Phil Turner might well have written some of them!

This Trotskyist member of the SWP has also written a piece for the Rotherham Advertiser on –of all things – UKip! (Turner’s piece is called ‘UKip linked to European far right organisation’.)

Unlike most regional news papers, the Rotherham Advertiser isn’t scared of fusing explicit editorial comment and factual detail. For example, here’s a self-referential piece entitled ‘Advertiser dismisses BNP campaigner’s claims of sex grooming cover-up’ in which the Rotherham Advertiser says that the 'BNP attempted to make political gain' over the Advertiser‘s own “cover-up” of the reality of Muslim grooming-gangs.

And the SWP-UAF, the Labour Party and all other parties don’t do that kind of thing? In fact when the Rotherham Advertiser, along with Sarah Champion MP, say that the BNP and UKip have “attempted to make political gain”, it can be said that they too have attempted to make political gain by saying that the BNP and Ukip have attempted to make political gain.

Ged Demsey (Unite & SWP)


Ged Demsey is on the National Executive Council of the Unite Union and a member of the Labour Party. He's also an far-left activist in Rotherham.

He too has been interviewed by Socialist Worker.

Although speaking in a “personal capacity” (i.e., as a supporter of the SWP) – Demsey says that the Labour Party should “fight back with progressive and radical policies that offer a real alternative”. Does Mr. Demsey mean the sort of policies which are offered by the Socialist Workers Party?

Ged Demsey himself says:

“…we want the police, council officials and councillors to be held accountable for their failure to safeguard Pakistani and white children.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

Ged Demsey talks about Pakistani children being abused. Now Pakistani children may well be abused by their own families. However, what about the the 1,400 white girls who were the victims of Muslim grooming gangs? Not a single Pakistani or Muslim girl was a victim.

Here again you have Leftists fusing general child abuse with the specific case of Muslim sexual-grooming gangs. And in so doing, these Leftists are deliberately muddying the water.

Additionally, Ged Demsey says that the “EDL doesn’t point out that most offenders for child abuse are white”. He then continues by saying that these abusers “include celebrities and people from the judiciary, politicians and the establishment”.

Demsey is moronically referring to the late celebrity Jimmy Savile. The Jimmy Savile case saturated the airways and the tabloids for weeks, as have cases about “the judiciary, politicians and the establishment”.And besides which, of course “most offenders for child abuse are white” because most British people are white.


*) People have known about the Muslim grooming gangs of Rotherham (as well as those in many other cities and towns) since 1996. It was certainly common knowledge by around 2000. (It was in Keighley and Bradford!)

Sarah Champion first spoke out in 2013 – and then only after the academic Report went public. (She must trust academics more than she trusts the people of Rotherham.) That was 18 years later and 1 year after she became an MP in Rotherham (in 2012). Before that, Sarah Champion had lived and worked in Rotherham, so she would have known about the Muslim gangs well before her first pronouncements in 2013/14. In other words, she spoke out when the shit hit the fan - and only then.