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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do you want to be promiscuous? A homosexual? Or a Muslim?

A healthy attitude to sex? One discussed in Islam the Natural Way?

When you hear Muslims speak about Islam, and sometimes on any subject, you are often struck how both absolute and illogical they are.

For example, read the following Muslim writing about the various sexual realities a given society may permit. Forget about the moral tone or the fact that you may disagree with the moral positions advanced. Think of the logicality, or lack thereof, of it. Hamid writes:

“So far as the interactions between society, morality and sex is concerned, there are four choices apparently open to any society:

1. an entirely homosexual society;
2. an entirely promiscuous society;
3. a society in which no sexual relations exist except between husband and wife;
4. a laissez-faire society in which all the above forms are tolerated.” (116)

Now, how on earth can anyone believe that anyone else would ever see ‘an entirely homosexual society’ or ‘an entirely promiscuous society’ as even being options? (Unless this is a piece of moral/political modal - ‘possible worlds’ - logic.) They are utter unrealities. They don’t exist and no one - not even the kuffar - wants them to exist. (Actually, there is a buyer for every belief somewhere.) So they are not genuine ‘choices’ in the first place.

It may seem that ‘choice’ number 4 acknowledges these absolute positions are not real in any way. But I don’t think this Muslim thinks that.

In the end, then, the only genuine or real absolute choice is the Islamic one - number 3, in which the only sexual relations allowed are between husband and wife. In order to make the alternative/s seem extreme, he has to say, or pretend to believe, that at least some kuffar want all society to be homosexual or ‘promiscuous’. No one believes that. But his absolute position, number 3, is believed by himself and by all Muslims (or should be).

If you are tempted to believe that surely this Muslim can’t really think that the kuffar sees 1. and 2. as options, the following may convince you otherwise. Hamid writes:

“Tolerating homosexuality and promiscuity means encouraging them and pushing more and more people to practise them.” (118)

That’s why Muslims believe that they should

“severely punish those who seek sexual gratification in non-marital avenues, whether pre-marital or extra-marital avenues.” (119)

In fact, homosexuality should be ‘punished by death’ (124).

So the next time some leftist, left-liberal or interfaither tells you that only ‘extreme Muslims’ believe stuff like that, tell them that Abdul Wahid Hamid also does, and he’s generally regarded as a ‘moderate Muslim’ who’s even active in the interfaith movement.

Descriptions of Abdul Wahid Hamid's Islam the Natural Way:

"At last, a splendid introduction to Islam. Clear, forthright and confident. Succeeds in synthesizing the best of Muslim thought of the last three decades. Islam the Natural Way is an authentic presentation of Islam and its worldview." M A Sherif, The Muslim News, London.

"The long-awaited book for Muslim parents and teenagers living in the West. Shows how Islam provides the values for creating a better world." Maryam Davies, Crescent International, London.

“Used in homes, in training courses for youth and social workers, and examination courses on Islam.Deals with such topics as God and creation, human history, freedom and responsibility, good and evil, personal development, work and leisure, the family and social relationships, sex and sex education, attitudes to other faiths and global issues such as war and violence, ecology and the environment, and human destiny.Some more reviews and readers' comments:

“"I found Islam the Natural Way to be the very best I have read in content and in presentation, in bringing the truth of Islam to western readers." E. Graham Barrie, Manchester, UK.

"A most beautiful and enlightening presentation of Islam." Abd al-Bari, Indiana State Reformatory, USA.

"All Muslims should try to acquire this book." Talib ud-Din, Islamic Council of Jamaica, West Indies.

"We are impressed." Dora Wong, Editor, Australia Muslim News, Adelaide.

"A wonderful work. so effective that people keep requesting it." B. Aisha Lemu, Islamic Educational Trust, Nigeria.