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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shock result! Bradford’s Muslim students believe in Allah

There has been an incredibly naïve ‘study’ carried out of students - (mostly Muslim) in Bradford and London - to establish what their attitudes to God (or Allah) are. All in all,
10,500 students were surveyed by academics from Leeds Metropolitan University, as well as from Brunel and Middlesex universities.
The survey tells us that 48% of the students questioned ‘were sure they believed in God’. Problem is, I’ve never met a single Muslim who doesn’t believe in God (or Allah). Or, to rephrase that, I’ve never met a single person from a Muslim background who doesn’t also believe in Allah. Correspondingly, I’ve rarely even read about such people - unless they were being prosecuted or killed for ‘apostasy’ or ‘blasphemy’ in some Islamic/Muslim country or other.

My guess, then, is that literally every Bradford and London ‘Muslim’ (which begs the question) student answered the question in the positive. If a Muslim expressed doubt about such an important matter, they would be prosecuted or killed in virtually every Muslim/Islamic state. Here in the UK, there will still be overwhelming pressure put on young people, from Muslim backgrounds, to be Muslim and therefore to believe in Allah.

Let’s break down the figures offered in this academic survey:

i) 48% of the students questioned ‘were sure they believed in God’.
ii) 35% of these students described themselves as Muslims; whereas 31% described themselves as Christian.
iii) So I will bet my petty infidel life that the believing 48% of these students was made up of the 35% Muslims just mentioned; but only 13% of the Christians.

In other words, every one of the 35% of Muslims gave a positive answer; whereas only 13% of the 31% Christians surveyed did the same. (Thus 18% of the ‘Christians’, or white students, were either atheist or agnostic.)

Well, well! Tell us something we don’t already know! How much were these academics paid for this time-wasting?


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