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Friday, 13 January 2012

Hague gives Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood the benefit of the doubt

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has said that we should accept the right ‘of peoples to choose their own representatives at the ballot box’. He said this in response to the Muslim Brotherhood’s success in the recent Egyptian elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist party. That means that it refuses to make any strong divisions at all between mosque and state (we say ‘church and state’) when it comes to all aspects of political and social organisation and life. More to the point, the Muslim Brotherhood has perennially stated its soundbite of both momentous brevity and power: ‘ Islam is the solution.’ Yes, Islam is the solution. The solution to what, exactly? Everything! And I mean everything. Islam even ‘follows you into the bedroom’. Not for Muslims, or not for the Mus Bros, that quaint distinction between the private and the public.

It also needs to be seen what exactly Hague means by ‘accepting the rights’ of the people to vote in Islamofascists or whatever. What does it mean to ‘accept’ these things? That we accept the democratic process itself regardless of what follows it? Well, we didn’t really accept the coming to power of Hamas in Gaza back in 2006. They were - sort-of - voted in democratically. As was the Nazi Party in Germany in 1933. Indeed, throughout the 20th century a whole host of repellent regimes were brought to power by democratic, or by quasi-democratic, means. None of which will tell us anything about what these parties and people did - and still do - once they gained power. For that, we would need to look further than reading the many Western-friendly capsules the Muslim Brotherhood has offered up to our journalists and political leaders. I suggest reading something by Sayyid Qutb (say, Ma’alim fi-I-Tariq). Qutb was the most important leaders of the Mus Bros in the 1950s and 60s. He was killed in 1966 for stirring things up for the Egyptian state. Alternative, read the monument to extremism and monomaniacal anti-Semitism that is the Hamas Charter (1988). Why that? Because, as I’ve said, Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood (as is our own Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)).

It seems that William Hague and his boss, David Cameron, are at odds on this. Either that or they haven’t properly discussed these issues at all, which is highly probable. When Cameron visited Egypt last year he labelled the Muslim Brotherhood ‘extreme’. Or, at the least, he labelled Egypt’s ‘Islamic politicians’ as ‘extreme’.

Of course when it comes to the crunch, what may ultimately decide these issues will be the Egyptian and British business communities and their various spokesmen in government. Hague and co. will also respond to the unbiased advice of those clever civil servants at the Foreign Office. Being largely ex-public schoolboys, they will be big on Grown-up Diplomacy. And only well-trained Oxbridge types can do a good job of that. Remember Neville Chamberlain and his little handshake with Hitler, circa 1938?
You see. Spineless - but often clever - Realpolitik doen’t always come up with the goods. Though often it does!

The Egyptian state’s position on Israel will also tell us a lot about the direction of Mus Bros in power. And it seems that Hague has read a lot into the minuscule fact that the Egyptian state will be respecting existing agreements with Israel. Come again! That’s the case now! But what about next year? Indeed - what about next week? The Mus Bros will not be able to resist the massive temptation to sour Egypt’s relations with Israel and ultimately go to war with ‘the Zionist entity’. Read the literature of Mus Bros. This ‘extreme’ (Cameron’s word) organisation has been ranting and raving about Jews since the 1920s. After 1948, and more so after 1967, they began to rant and rave, instead, about ‘Zionists’ and the ‘Zionist state’. Surely you don’t have to be an Eton-educated civil servant to realise where all this will end.

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